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Crystal Reality LLC specializes on highly complex multimedia solutions for wide range of platforms, providing our customers both quality products as well as well tested software components for building media applications. Our acheivements include: highly popular video player for personal computers with several million downloads, perfectly optimized video and audio codecs for mobile platforms as well as DVD playback codecs.

The key differentiator of Crystal Reality from competitors are:

  • one of the most experienced media software development teams in the world;
  • the concentration on the video technology;
  • the dedication to build the best in class products for PC and mobile platforms;
  • creativity to go beyond the current technological maximum.

Crystal Reality is located in the historical district of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, which is known in the IT world as Russian Silicon valey and represents information technology and cultural capital with the great number of highly-educated professionals.

Total downloads
8 908 550
66 498 271
since 1 Oct 2002
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