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Auto-volume filter adjusts volume to the customized level. It's very useful for movies in which many different volume levels present - imagine the explosion sounds and quiet mumbling happening between short period - you don't need to adjust your volume control anymore.

Bass. Be sure your pets are far from speakers. CrystalPlayer bass algorithm adds more power to your loudspeakers. This feature is the most useful with home-theaters: you'll feel the action by your own body.

Accent Stereo increases Stereo effect, forcing your speakers to argue against reality. Get the sound to play the show!

Voice Removal suppresses the voice in a song if you want to hear the music only. Most useful with Karaoke subtitles.

Swap Channels troubleshots your problems if someone has connected your speakers in a wrong way. Also, it's possible to invert the direction of the bullets when they're flying around. ;)

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