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   Speed troubleshooting modes

Speed troubleshooting may help you in case your PC cannot decompress video stream in runtime. CrystalPlayer offers four different speed troubleshooting modes:

  • Skip frames
  • Jump keyframes
  • Stop and buffer
  • Ignore

Let's describe each mode in detail.

In Skip frames mode, CrystalPlayer skips frames in case it cannot display them in given period of time. In this mode, the effect of 'jerking' is visible, but you'll be able to watch the movie anyway.

Jump keyframes mode is for jumping between keyframes in time problems case. The most evident difference from Skip Frames is that CrystalPlayer tries to play the frames from stream consequently, and if there is no more time left, a jump to next keyframe is performed. In this case playback is smooth (produces no image distortion), there are fast jumps between some frames and mostly no problems during video/sound syncronization. This mode is default in CrystalPlayer.

Stop and buffer is the most powerful mode, since it offers the best quality and no frame skipping even on most the weakest PCs. The only price you pay for this is buffering process, which happens on regular basis during playback, depending on decompressing speed and available amount of memory. In this mode, the more memory you have, the less often buffering occurs. If PC is able to decompress in runtime, buffering is done in the background, and there are no any delays.

In Ignore mode, CrystalPlayer only decompresses and displays frames consequently, but in this case, syncronization between the playback and sound is not guaranteed. This behavior is default in most other players.

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