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   Video filters

Due to native video-engine of CrystalPlayer, the impact of video filter usage almost does not affect the peformance of decompression. Video filters may improve your videoplayback and in many cases make the quality of your movies better.

Auto-level filter adjusts brightness and contrast according to the frame automatically.

Soften smooths the picture; decreases difference between close pixels of the picture. On the contrary Sharpen increases the difference.

Deinterlace smooths the edgets and removes 'interlace' effect, typically appearing then PAL video is recoded to NTSC or vice versa, typically this effect presents on some DVD disks.

Remove Noise searches temporary noise in the movie and removes it. It can make the quality much better if you try to watch bad-quality movie with the noise created by analog signal.

Double Contrast and Saturation provide fast doubling of contrast and saturation without using MMX.

Flip Vertical and Horizontal flip the picture.

Grayscale makes picture black-and-white.

Negative turns the color of every pixel to the opposite to show you the negative of the picture.

Histogram provides you with color statistics (dark colors at the left side and bright colors at the right side).

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