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What do users say about CrystalPlayer


I have been using, a lot of media players for many years, but I never had a experience like this, CP is the best player in the internet.
I don&t understand, how can the people use others players.
I give a 10 to the CP and his equip of designers.
This is the real "King of the players of this year"
Gracias por su trabajo... ojala sigan igual de bien...


First of all I want to say that after trying almost *all* available players I have found none of them can rival Crystal Player... Well done!

wyktor (wyktor<AT>seznam<DOT>cz)

CP is far ahead of the competition already!
I would like to sugest a few features to next releases:
1) pre-buffer of files present in playlist - to remove blackout when you watch movie splitted in several files.
2) add info about subtitles to playlists so I can reuse playlists also on another machine (right now CP stores info on attached subs so its own database)
3) proportional adjust of the UI controls in full screen. for example when you watch movie of very low resolution, the icons can be way too big sometimes.

other than that, I have absolute pleasure of using CP.
keep up good work,

supermariobr (mario<AT>node1<DOT>com<DOT>br)

I would like to thank the author for doing such a good program...
Before I saterted using Crystal Player I hade to use dozens of programs...
One for playing AVI, other for play MPG, other for watch the movie with subtitles, other for etc, etc, etc...
Now, all I need is YOUR PROGRAM!
I have deleted all other players from my HD one week after I have started using CP...
Your program is AWSOME! All I need is here!
It even talks in MY LANGUAGE (Portuguese)!!!
And what is even better?

Chewbacca (alain<DOT>bastard<AT>wanadoo<DOT>fr)

First of all, congratulations for your wonderful work! I was usually using BsPlayer when I noticed problems with movie display (image wasn&t perfect in bsplayer but was in WMP !) So I looked for another player and found Crystal ! Perfect image, intuitive menu, etc ... outstanding results !


Crystal Player is the number one player in every aspect (excellent work!) except for one, and that is subtitles and the positioning of these on the screen.

by KlazuR (klazur2<AT>yahoo<DOT>es)

Crystal Player is my new favorite video player, especially because it is the only one that allows me to watch a movie with subs on my TV, at least the only one I can make to do so.

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